Health Care Professionals

ADHD Medication Guide

The ADHD Medication Guide is a visual aid for professionals caring for individuals with ADHD.


Clinician's Guide to Adult ADHD

This book offers promising techniques combined with the application of treatment methods.


Defiant Teens- A Clinician's Manual

Provides a curriculum for clinicians to train parents in managing defiant behavior in teens.


Empowering Youth with ADHD

In this enlightening guide, author Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Master Certified Coach to hundreds of young people with AD/HD, shares her unique, step-by-step coaching plan for creating positive change for youth with AD/HD.



In Control

A manual that shows how to teach effective anger management skills to middle school students.


Ordinary Families, Special Children

Accessible and engaging, the book integrates theory and research with vignettes and firsthand reflections from family members.


Playing Smarter in a Digital World

A Guide to Choosing and Using Popular Video Games and Apps to Improve Executive Functioning in Children and Teens.



Skillstreaming Elementary Level Student Manual

A clear, concise guide for students that serves as a handy reference and organizer.


Stress Management for Adolescents Program Guide
A Cognitive-Behavioral Program

Provides scripted sessions, instructions, worksheets, visual aids, and motivational activities.


What Causes ADHD?

Synthesizing a wealth of recent neuropsychological research, this groundbreaking book focuses on the multiple pathways by which attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) develops.