Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
Practical Suggestions for AD/HD

Practical Suggestions for AD/HD

A handy guidebook to better understand ADHD.

As the title suggests, this book offers practical suggestions and strategies to meet the challenges of AD/HD. This book provides parents and professionals with the latest cutting-edge research and innovative practices related to AD/HD. Your added value is a section formatted as overheads for an inservice presentation. These overheads can be easily scanned for a PowerPoint presentation. Great for sharing with parents or teachers. You'll get information on: evaluation and assessment, medical and behavioral intervention plans, educational intervention as seen from the parent and professional perspective, the importance of collaboration, issues related to self-advocacy and self-management, and new research on the specific differences of the female affected with AD/HD.



Chapter 1
Joining the World od AD/HD

Chapter 2
Evaluation and Assessment

Chapter 3
What Works? What doesn't Work?

Chapter 4
Parent Power-The role of the Family

Chapter 5
Intervention Plan-Medication

Chapter 6
Intervention Plan-Behavior Strategies

Chapter 7
Intervention Plan-Education (Parent's Perspective)

Chapter 8
Intervention Plan-Education (Teacher's Perspective)

Chapter 9
Team Power! Collaboration

Chapter 10
Girl Power! Girls with AD/HD

Chapter 11
Empower! Motivating the AD/HD Person

Chapter 12
Workshops Work!



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