Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
The Gaming Overload Workbook

The Gaming Overload Workbook

An easy-to-read workbook that helps teens understand the advantages and disadvantages of gaming and how it can impact their daily life.
Essential skills and strategies for managing your gameplay and creating a well-balanced life.

Do you spend hours on end playing video games? Do marathon gaming sessions cause you to lose much-needed sleep? Have your grades suffered as a result of neglecting schoolwork in favor of more game time? Has your physical health declined due to extended periods of inactivity? Have you tried unsuccessfully to limit the time you spend playing? Gaming can be a fun, challenging, and rewarding activity, but when it begins to interfere with other essential aspects of life, it might be time to set some limits.

The Gaming Overload Workbook will help you explore your use of video games in a thoughtful, nonjudgmental way. This isn’t a workbook for giving up on gaming. This is a guide to help you set your own limits on screen time, and apply your interest and enthusiasm for gaming to a wider variety of activities, like connecting with friends and family, excelling in school or sports, and just spending more time outdoors.

If you’re ready for some healthy balance between gaming, school, family, physical activity, and social relationships, this book will provide the key to winning at the game of life!


“Randy Kulman has developed a practical, accessible resource for teens that honors their positive experiences with screen time while simultaneously engaging them, through interactive exercises, in meaningful reflections about the costs and benefits of excessive use. Informed by current research, this book is just what parents and other adults need to address concerns about technology use in a positive, respectful way.”

—Jon Lasser, PhD, professor of school psychology at Texas State University, and coauthor of Tech Generation

“Gaming is a complex world with confusing narratives about games’ supposed ills and considerable benefits. With his new, excellent workbook for youth, The Gaming Overload Workbook, Randy Kulman gives youth a fun and insightful opportunity to look at games through a whole new lens! Highly recommended for kids who love games.”

—Chris Ferguson, PhD, professor of psychology at Stetson University, and longtime researcher on the effects of videogames

“Randy Kulman’s workbook is a critically important resource for adolescents, parents, and clinicians concerned about the impact that gaming may have on teens’ lives. Using a unique blend of science, clinical experience, and recommendations from teenagers, this workbook is an indispensable guide to balancing video game playing, screen use, and important life activities. Teens and their families can use this workbook to develop a healthy and balanced ‘play diet.’”

—George J. DuPaul, PhD, professor of school psychology, and associate dean for research at Lehigh University; and author of books and scientific journal articles regarding attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

“Randy Kulman has created an innovative workbook for teens to better understand digital gaming. His unique approach will engage teens on their level to better understand the skills they are learning through gaming, but also to understand the risks of overload. With real case presentations, they will learn how to balance digital play. I am excited to share this book with my patients who struggle with gaming overload.”

—Celeste Corcoran, MD, FAAP, primary care pediatrician with thirty-two years’ experience, faculty at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, and diplomate in obesity medicine

“The Gaming Overload Workbook will be a treasured resource for teens, their parents, and their teachers. Randy Kulman provides a unique way to help evaluate the impact of screen time and video games on teen behavior, problem-solving, time management, learning, and socialization. Numerous activities contained in the workbook invite teens to engage in self-analysis of their screen-time behavior, and encourage them to draw conclusions about how their video play impacts them. Kulman has written extensively on this topic, and his new workbook gives teens an opportunity to identify the positive and negative impacts that video games and screen time can have. I highly recommend this exceptional and highly practical book.”

—Harvey C. Parker, PhD, clinical psychologist in South Florida; cofounder of Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD); author of several books and publications on child development; and recipient of a CHADD Lifetime Achievement Award

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