Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
Straight Talk About Your Child's Mental Health

Straight Talk About Your Child's Mental Health

Teaches parents to weigh treatment options to determine what's best for their child.
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Parents reach for dog-eared copies of Dr. Spock when their child has a rash or the flu, but when "moodiness" lingers or worrisome behavior problems grow, they have nowhere to turn for answers or reassurance. Now, in this compassionate resource, prominent Harvard researcher Dr. Stephen V. Faraone gives parents the tools they need to look clearly at how a child is feeling, thinking, and behaving and make wise decisions about when to call for professional help. Cues and questions teach readers to become scientific observers of their child, and vital facts about common disorders help them distinguish between normal variations in speech development and Asperger syndrome, between moodiness that's just a phase and depression, between childhood fears and the symptoms of anxiety. Knowing what to ask--and tell--the professionals, from the pediatrician to a mental health specialist, will help parents ensure a complete and accurate diagnosis. Filled with handy sidebars, charts, and checklists, the book also teaches parents to weigh treatment options to determine what's best for their child.


Winner--American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award!

"Dr. Faraone provides an invaluable service with this book. As someone who has consulted with thousands of parents concerned about their children, I deeply understand just how much they need honesty and clear guidance. The book delivers exactly what its title promises. The world of psychological disturbances is frightening enough, and doubly so when you are lost about what it all means and what you can do for the child you love so much....A 'must read' for any parent whose child is going through a rough time."
-Ron Taffel, PhD, author of Parenting by Heart

"This book pulls together state-of-the-art scientific information about mental conditions and organizes it in a systematic, easily comprehensible manner. It provides comprehensive coverage of the nature and causes of specific childhood problems, warning signs parents should look for, how their child will be evaluated, and what treatments are available. Debunking many myths and misconceptions about mental illness, Dr. Faraone helps parents better understand and meet children's needs."
-Mark L. Wolraich, MD, Child Study Center, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

"A comprehensive, parent-friendly guide for helping our children when something is wrong. Dr. Faraone has written the essential book for parents who are worried about their child's mental health. It outlines the problems, gives scientifically sound solutions, and provides understandable answers for the difficult questions that parents have. This is a very important book for the millions of parents who have a child with a mental health problem."
-Harold S. Koplewicz, MD, author of More Than Moody; New York University Child Study Center



  • Understanding the Psychological Health of Children
    1. What Do Psychological Problems Look Like?
    2. Health versus Illness: When Do Everyday Problems Become Disorders?
    3. What Causes Psychological Problems?
  • Diagnoses and Disorders
    1. Disruptive Behavior
    2. Moodiness
    3. Worry and Anxiety
    4. Learning Disorders
    5. Abnormal Development
    6. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Tourette's Disorder, and Eating Disorders
  • Getting Professional Help
    1. The Mental Health Evaluation
    2. Following Up on the Diagnosis: Finding the Right Treatment for Your Child
    3. Working with the Mental Health Care System
    . Resources
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