Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
Problem Solver Guide for Students with ADHD

Problem Solver Guide for Students with ADHD

Best selling guide by Dr. Harvey C. Parker, co-founder of CHADD. Filled with literally hundreds of quick tips and practical suggests to help elementary and secondary students with ADHD.
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This quick reference guide for busy teachers and parents who are looking for proven classroom strategies and parenting tips for children of all ages with ADHD ( with or without hyperactivity). Perfect for writing accommodation plans and IEPís, teaching social skills, and helping students learn study strategies. Hundreds of accommodations and interventions for school and home:

  • Reduce Disruptive Behavior
  • Improve Attention
  • Set up a classroom behavior plan in just a few steps
  • Implement strategies to improve reading comprehension, math skills, and to help students with written language problems
  • Develop a behavior plan at home
  • Strategies to teach social skills
  • Study strategies to improve organization, time-management, note-taking, test preparation, studying, writing papers, etc.
  • Newest medications to treat ADHD


  1. A Quick Look at ADHD
  2. Strategies to Help with Academic Skill Problems
  3. Strategies to Help with behavior and Academic Performance
  4. Strategies to Help Students Who are Inattentive but Not Hyperactive or Impulsive
  5. Seven Principles for Raising a Child with ADHD
  6. Strategies to Help Students with ADHD and Other Psychological Disorders
  7. Teaching Study Strategies to ADHD Students
  8. Teaching Social Skills to ADHD Students
  9. Strategies to Help Students Who Have Problems with Homework
  10. A Quick Reference Guide to Medications for ADHD
  11. Parents as Advocates: Helping Your Child Succeed in School
  12. Communicating with Parents
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