Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
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Join thousands of subscribers and send online ADHD assessment, tracking and treatment tools to improve care for children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD. To learn more about and to purchase a subscription click here.

We would like to welcome you to join our many subscribers (health care providers, parents, educators, and adults with ADHD) who use myADHD everyday to exchange ADHD rating scales and treatment tools.

ADHD rating scales and forms can be electronically transmitted to easily collect the data that will be important to you in assessing, tracking, and treating those affected by ADHD.

With your low annual subscription you will have access to the following myADHD features:

  • Transmit commonly used ADHD rating scales (Vanderbilt, SNAP-IV, Adult ASRS, DSM 5 ADHD Checklist, etc) from your secure myADHD account
  • Receive automatic notification when completed scales are sent to you
  • Store completed and scored rating scales in your secure myADHD account Easily monitor medication effects
  • Evaluate treatment progress
  • Have access to over a hundred treatment tools for children and adults

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