Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
Attention Without Tension
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Attention Without Tension

A book that gives teachers all the tools necessary to identify and manage children with Attention Disorders.
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A book that gives teachers all the tools necessary to identify and manage children with Attention Disorders. Highlights Include:

  • Complete description of Attention Problems: Causes, Characteristics and Interventions
  • Legal Issues
  • 12- Step Action Plan
  • Effective Teaching Methods
  • Classroom management Strategies
  • Teacher’s Success Stories
  • 80 Pages of Duplicating Masters Contents

    Understanding Attention Disorders

    1. Key Facts About Children With Attention Disorders
    2. What are Attention Disorders
    3. History of ADHD
    4. Reluctance to Identify ADHD
    5. Legal Issues and Legal Rights of ADHD Students
    6. Validity of ADHD Syndrome
    7. Causes of ADHD
    8. Learning Disabilities and Attention Disorders
    9. Language Disorders, Reading Disorders and ADHD in Preschoolers
    10. Learning Style Preference and ADHD
    11. Developmental Readiness and ADHD
    12. Characteristics of Children with ADHD
    Treating Attention Disorders
    1. Developing an Action Plan
    2. Roles of the Members of the Treatment Team
    3. Psychological/ Psychoeducational Evaluation
    4. Treatment Approaches
    5. Medication
    6. Behavior Management Strategies
    7. Psychological Interventions
    8. Educational Intervention
    1. Statement of Objectives
    2. Managing ADHD in the Classroom
    3. General Strategies
    4. Specific Strategies
    1. Teacher’s Success Story
    2. References
    Supplemental Materials
    1. Appendix of Forms
    Identification and Goal Setting
    1. Problem Solving Assessment
    2. My Students Behavior
    3. Child/Adolescents Assessment of home/school
    4. Overall summary for meeting with child/parents
    5. Tow-week Goals
    6. Academic Summary
    7. Letter to parents
    8. Letter to professional
    9. Written Consent
    10. Preschool Check Up: A Symptom Checklist for Developmental Disabilities
    11. A Check Up for Elementary School Children
    12. A Check Up or Adolescents: A Symptom Checklist for Behavioral, Attentional, Learning and Emotional Difficulties.
    13. Copeland Symptom Checklist for Attention Deficit Disorders
    14. Copeland Symptom Checklist for Adult Attention Deficit Disrders
    15. Scoring the Copeland Symptom Checklists
    16. Medication Schedule
    17. Medication Weekly Record Form
    18. Copeland Medication Follow-up Questionnaire
    19. Medication – Side Effects Checklist
      Responsibility Programs
    20. Responsibility Chart (Elementary Children)
    21. Chipper Bear Responsibility Chart
    22. Responsibility Chart (Teenagers)
    23. Family Organization Calendar
      Classroom Management and Organization
    24. Sample Daily Schedule
    25. Daily Assignment Sheet
    26. Elementary School Weekly Homework Sheet
    27. Middle/High School Weekly Homework Sheet
    28. Daily Homework Sheet
    29. Daily Class, Homework and Test Record
      (Writing Paper)
    30. Graph Paper for Math – 1” Squares
    31. Graph Paper- 3/4” Squares
    32. Graph Paper- 1/2” Squares
    33. Small Graph Paper- 1/4” Squares
      (Progress Reports)
    34. Daily Progress Report ( Older Student Example)
    35. Daily Progress Report (Older Student Form)
    36. Daily Progress Report (Younger Student Example)
    37. Daily Progress Report (Younger Student Form)
      Resource Material
    38. National Support Groups and Associations
    39. U.S. Department of Education Clarification of Policy
    40. List of Regional Civil Rights Offices
    41. Suggested Readings and audioprograms for Parents, Teachers and Professionals

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