Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
Books, assessment products and training programs for ADHD and related problems
ASRS Scoring Software (USB Key)

ASRS Scoring Software (USB Key)

Unlimited Use Program
The Autism Spectrum Rating Scales is used to quantify observations of young children and youth that are associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). When used in combination with other information, results from the ASRS can helpdetermine the likelihood that a youth has symptoms associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorders; this information can then be used to determine treatment targets.

Assessors can quickly and easily score forms and generate reports for the ASRS using a computer that meets hardware and software requirements (see Hardware and Software Requirements listed below). ASRS assessments can be computer scored with an installed ASRS Scoring Software program.

The ASRS Scoring Software program offers many benefits, including:

  • Optional double-entry feature to verify data entry accuracy
  • Optional report features that can be enabled or disabled according to the assessor's need
  • Immediate generation of reports once responses are entered
  • Reports that can be printed or saved in .pdf or .rtf format. Sections of these files can be integrated (using copy and paste functions) into the assessor's full evaluation report
  • Administrations that can be rescored and reports regenerated an unlimited number of times
  • A save option to score for future access Records that can be sorted and searched for using various criteria (e.g., Name/ID, test type)
In addition to these shared features, the ASRS Scoring Software program is a portable program (via USB drive) that can be easily transferred from one computer to another. It includes unlimited scoring and report generation for any number of ASRS forms. Rater responses from the paper-and-pencil ASRS forms are entered into the ASRS Scoring Software program for scoring.

Minimum system requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP. 512 MB of memory, 500 MB of disk space, and a USB port.

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