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This accessible newsletter provides a single reliable guide to the latest developments, newest topics, and current trends in ADHD. An indispensable resource, the ADHD Report examines the nature, definition, diagnosis, developmental course, outcomes, and etiologies associated with ADHD, as well as changes occurring in the fields of education and clinical management. It includes handouts for clinicians and parents, as well as annotated research findings.
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"The ADHD Report provides a highly readable, interesting, and enjoyable way for professionals and lay persons alike to keep up with developments in the field. Articles are authored by well-recognized experts in the field and are timely and original. Topics run the full gamut, including diagnosis, treatment, accompanying symptoms and impairment, long-term outcome, and etiology, as well as advocacy and public policy."
-Mary V. Solanto, PhD, Director, ADHD Center, The Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY

"As manager of psychological services in a large school district, I have found The ADHD Report to be a valuable tool in promoting understanding of ADHD and other behavioral disorders. Our school psychologists value the Report's research and empirical data, which often translate into immediate school-based application."
-Robert Templeton, EdD, Manager, Psychological Services, School District of Palm Beach County, Florida

"The ADHD Report is an excellent resource for clinicians, teachers, and parents. Importantly, the Report does not shy away from controversial studies and treatment methods, but includes reviews of such methods as well as evidence of their effectiveness. This willingness to review all types of treatments and refute weak claims and data is science at its best. Dr. Barkley's contributions to ADHD research are impressive, and his efforts to transmit the latest knowledge to subscribers are to be commended. I recommend the ADHD Report to anyone who seeks to stay up to date in this field."
-Rachel Brown-Chidsey, PhD, School Psychology Program, University of Southern Maine

"I have been receiving and thoroughly enjoying the ADHD Report since the very first issue. As a developmental/behavioral pediatrician with a practice primarily devoted to ADHD and learning disabilities, I have found this newsletter to be a tremendous aid to my practice. The mix of practical articles, research updates, and reviews, including coverage of cutting-edge findings and debates, have greatly enhanced my ability to serve my patients. It is amazing how much useful material can be crammed into 16 pages."
-Martin Baren, MD

"The educational information in The ADHD Report is infinitely valuable in helping me raise my own 7-year-old boy. It is also of vital importance to the nearly 300 parents with whom I come in contact all year through this support group. This newsletter is informative, well-written, professional, and interesting."
-Cindi Wolfe, Director, Parents Helping Parents of San Luis Obispo, ADHD Support Group

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