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October 2006 Featured Products!

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0797C.jpg ADHD: A Clinical Workbook
$33.00 $29.70 On Sale!
The revised and expanded third edition provides a master set of the assessment and treatment forms for clinicians and schools.

0796C.jpg ADHD: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment (3rd Ed)
Now in a revised and expanded third edition, this handbook presents the latest knowledge on the nature, diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of ADHD.

NH05.jpg 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD
$12.95 $11.65 On Sale!
This book offers simple solutions to Adult ADD.
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0930.gif Finding a Career That Works for You
$16.95 $14.40 On Sale!
By Wilma Fellman...this book will help you understand the steps you need to take to choose a career and find a job.

0211.gif Hands Are Not For Hitting
$11.95 $10.75 On Sale!
Kids, ages 4-7. Read this book to your child to improve problems with hitting.

Help 4 ADD@High School
$21.95 $19.75 On Sale!
Ages 13-18. Wonderful book for high school students with ADHD to read. Gives plenty of useful tips.

28lavoie.jpg It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend
$15.00 $13.50 On Sale!
Rick Lavoie focuses on the difficulties kids with LD have in making friends.

0967.jpg Making the Grade
For ages 9-14. Story of a young teenage boy with ADHD and how his life is affected.
Making the Grade
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Como Pasar De Grado
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0982.gif Problem Solver Guide for Students with ADHD
$15.00 $13.50 On Sale!
Best selling guide by Dr. Harvey C. Parker, co-founder of CHADD. Filled with literally hundreds of quick tips and practical suggests to help elementary and secondary students with ADHD.

Taking Charge of ADHD- The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents
$19.95 $17.95 On Sale!
Provides concrete suggestions for improving children's behavior and school performance.

0954R.gif The ADHD Workbook for Parents
Contains chapters on understanding ADHD, parenting strategies, tips to improve study habits, classroom interventions, medication management and more.

5215r.jpg The Special Educator's Survival Guide
Second Edition

$31.95 $28.75 On Sale!
Written for educators who work with special children and teens.