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ISBN# 0-87833-209-X
A.D.D. & Romance

Publication Date: 1998
Jonathan Scott Halverstadt, M.S.

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Paperback, 240pp

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About the Author

Jonathan Scott Halverstadt, M.S., is part of the clinical staff of the Amen Clinic for Behavioral Medicine in Fairfield, California, where he specializes in Attention Deficit Disorder and relationships. He speaks extensively at national and regional A.D.D. conferences.


In A.D.D. and Romance, licensed therapist Jonathan Scott Halverstadt looks at how attention deficit disorder can damage romantic relationships when partners do not take time, or do not know how, to address this unique problem. The book aims to give people with A.D.D. and their partners the tools they need to build and sustain a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship.


"No more of that not paying attention to what your lover is saying."
—Diane Eicher, Denver Post

"This book aims to provide people with attention deficit disorder and their partners with the essential tools needed to build and sustain a satisfying, fulfilling relationship."
— Abilities

"...offers a set of very practical guidelines to help us understand the patterns that have not worked in past relationships, as well as strategies to find and maintain gratifying love relationships."
— ADDvance



  1. The Effects of ADD on Romantic Relationships
  2. “ I Thought Only Kids Got That”
  3. Avoid Making Poor Partnering Decisions
  4. ADD and Unrealistic Expectations for Relationships
  5. ADD and the Challenges of Good Communication
  6. The Erratic Attention Span: Sexual Intimacy and ADD
  7. The Positive Attributes of ADD in a Romantic Relationship
  8. Making Your Love Last
  9. Help for the Hurting
  10. The Sweetheart Approach
  11. Fifty Ways to Keep Your Lover