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ISBN# 0-7879-7096-4
The Special Educator's Survival Guide
Second Edition

Publication Date: 2006
Roger Pierangelo, Ph.D.

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Paperback, 316 pp

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About the Author

Roger Pierangelo, Ph.D., has over thirty years of experience as a classroom teacher, school psychologist, full time Associate Professor of graduate special education, clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist, and director of a private clinic. He is the author of fourteen books on special education including The Special Educatorís Book of Lists, Second Edition, and Special Educatorís Complete Guide to 109 Diagnostic Tests.


† Written for educators who work with special children and teens, this second edition of a best-selling classic offers a practical guide to every facet of the special education teacherís job, from teaching in a self-contained classroom or resource room to serving on a multidisciplinary team. This easy-to-follow format, takes you step by step through the various stages required to understand the referral process, parent intakes and conferences, evaluation, interpretation, diagnosis, remediation, placement, individual education plans, classroom management, medication, educational law, and more.

This second edition of The Special Educator's Survival Guide is filled with helpful illustrations and has been completely revised to reflect the most current laws and standards. The books essential tools have aslo been refreshed including reproducible forms, checklists, and sample letters. Here are just a few outstanding new topics featured in this unique guide:

  • A wide range of assessment and evalutation measures
  • Information for understanding individual education plans
  • Suggestions for meeting the parents
  • Step-by-step classroom procedures
  • Ideas for curriculum conciderations
  • Helpful guidelines for writing lesson plans
  • The most current information about assistive technology for children with disabilities.

The book is organized into eight convenient sections and printed in a big 8-1/2" by 11" format with binding that folds flat with easy photocopying of the many useful reproducibles it contains.

This important book is your unrivaled reference for helping you survive the pressures and reap the rewards of working with exceptional children.


About the Author.
How This Book Will Help Parents of Children with ADD/ADHD.
How To Use This Book.
Model Behavioral Programs.

  1. Characteristics of Attention Deficit Disorder.
  2. Behavioral Determinants.
  3. Managing Your Child's ADD Behavior.
  4. Antecedents: What Comes First?
  5. Behaviors: A Problem-Oriented Approach.
  6. Consequences: What's Effective and What's Not?
  7. Creating Appropriate Behaviors.
  8. Removing or Decreasing Inappropriate Behaviors.
  9. Setting Up a Token Economy or a Point System.
  10. How the Home and School Can Work Together.
  11. Working with Your Child's Teacher.
  12. Special Problems for the Child with ADD/ADHD.
  13. Other Interventions to Use with Your Child.
  14. Playing the "Attention Training Game".
  15. What Does the Future Hold for the Child with ADD/ADHD.
  16. Final Words for Parents.
Appendix A: The ADD Clinic.
Appendix B: CH.A.D.D. Fact Sheet on ADD.
Appendix C: Information for Teachers.
Appendix D: Forms, Charts, and Graphs.
Appendix E: Recommended Resources.
Appendix F: Glossary.